Amazing how you can write (or start to write) so many blog posts yet a month goes by without publishing any of the 10 drafts you started.

Thankfully eight of them are the type of posts I find easier to write which are the “how-to” and the “this vs that” type of posts.  I just haven’t made the time to sit and finish writing them.  I have unfortunately been pouring too much time and energy into a project that I need to reel back from.

Every couple of months, I stop almost everything to do planning and re-prioritizing.  I should start writing this in as part of my planning/scheduling as not to “lose” work time.  I have not really worked on a schedule since the Spring and know when I am scheduled, I am more productive.

I am liking how my Fall and Winter months are currently shaping up.  I had been waiting since the Summer for an online course to go on sale on Groupon.  While I could buy books and read online tutorials, for less than a hundred bucks, I now have a structured way of learning a bunch of programming I’ve been wanting to learn.  Ruby on Rails is the only thing missing from this package:


Have looked at but not yet implemented:

Entirely New to me:

Technology has (and hasn’t) changed much since I was in college.  I think the biggest advancement in web technologies has been with the introduction of mobile app development – the course I am looking forward to the most!

I have always tried to stay up to date with what I already know but have not ventured far from PHP, building web applications and websites.  I have been curious about mobile app development for a while now and have a project in mind that I plan on coding.  Better yet, with a banking promotion I finally have a tablet that I can test on!

The best part about these work stop rescheduling and prioritizing sessions is that I always come out of them feeling refreshed, recharged, realizing that I am accomplishing my goals and best of all, feeling much more organized as I stabilize my environments and build the foundation for my business.

I plan over the next six months to complete the courses I just registered for (including a Photography and a guitar) while continuing to build my company from the ground up.

I love and find this the best time of year to do this.  There’s nothing I love more than the colder months of the year when I can nestle down into working while sipping on a hot coffee!