Last night I stayed up later than normal trying to plan what I needed to get done before the end of the calendar year in preparation for 2022.

I have decided to delve back into WordPress so that I can get back to publishing content on the regular, and investigate another stream of revenue.

While I have used WordPress on and off since it came out in 2003, a LOT has changed and I need to get back up to speed with it. Blocks and content types are familiar concepts for me, and I am interested in learning more about using WordPress as an Application Framework and seeing how the REST API has progressed since my last look at it.

I have always learned best from books and bought these:

  • Building Web Apps with WordPress (O’Reilly)
  • Professional WordPress Plugin Development (Wrox)

I also registered for two Udemy courses:

  • The Complete WordPress Website Business Course
  • WordPress Ecommerce: Build 2 Websites & Dropshipping Store

My plan for the rest of 2021 is to:

  • re-learn WordPress as a CMS
  • learn WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
  • get back to blogging (and tweeting) regularly
  • push forward with my other projects (that use Laravel & Vue)

The goal is to decide whether to continue on with WordPress in the new year, or finally move on after having this nagging feeling for months to take another, and much much deeper, look at WordPress.