After fighting for well over a year to use something newer and cooler as the software for my blog, I’m back to WordPress. Again!

I was finding that not having as cleanly polished a product as WordPress meant that I was spending more time fidgeting with kludges than writing because I detoured back into “shiny object syndrome”!

For MONTHS I have been thinking about taking a deep dive on WordPress development with the hopes of picking up contract work (and hopefully reduce the amount of development work for my own projects). I have wanted to delve further into WordPress as an Application Framework and see how much further the REST API has come since I last worked with it.

At my core, I’m a creator so I have always liked creating technology (ie: writing code for a CMS) rather than using technology (ie: using WordPress as a CMS). But I have had to change the lens I am viewing technology with from that of a web developer with over 20 years of experience to that of a bootstrapping solopreneur who has never run a business before.

As a customer-focused business person, I needed to think about tech stacks from the perspective of potential clients. WordPress has been around since 2003, powers 42% of the web (source), and is technology that clients ask for by name. I have been a LAMP developer since 2001, have used WordPress on/off since it came out in 2003, and have worked with a wide array of other CMS’s over the years (including as a SharePoint developer).

Because of my existing expertise and background, it makes sense for me to look at WordPress (rather than Shopify which I may also look into) again.

So far, I’m right back to the same frustrations that had me leaving the last time: these damn editing blocks!