Completed my first Intermediate Algorithm Scripting algorithm on freeCodeCamp in six months today!  I had worked on two different contracts for about three of those six months and the rest of the time I have been working on “draining the swamp”, my infrastructure, and trying to re-implement the back-end of a project that hadn’t worked in about 5-6 years now.

My goal right now is to finish my Front End Development Certificate from freeCodeCamp by the end of the calendar year.  This includes me finishing reading the HTML & CSS, and JavaScript and JQuery books I picked up on the cheap from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.  There are new foundational concepts in JavaScript that have come about since I bought The JavaScript Bible’s Third Edition (1998).  Never mind what’s new in (HTML and) CSS, before adding the pre-processing!

Realizing that while I have added a lot of content to this website over the past several months, that none of it is showing up as new on the homepage.  I am about to embark on creating a list of incomplete articles that I have created on the website that are public but have not been highlighted in any way.  As mentioned somewhere around here, everything is fluid and changes as I update my tech logs in here, and polish off incomplete articles.  This will also have me closer to completing my Disaster Recovery Plan and feeling a lot more secure about minimizing data loss.

While it’s been about a year since I wrote a bunch of shell scripts to automate backup/recovery, create new web projects, perform mysql database backups, and initializing git repositories using a branching workflow, I still have not added the backup scripts to run automatically!  Hoping to get that also done by the end of the year, including it syncing to an online storage service which stopped working at some point.

A few times this year, I have sat down to learn React but have had to put it aside because a contract came up that did not use it, and/or I got distracted by a different tech stack that an employer wanted.  The plan is to start working with it again in the New Year when I hope to finally start coding a few projects that I have had in mind but not yet started.

Most of these projects will be me working with headless-WordPress using React (or possibly Vue) on the front-end.  One of the projects I already started working on and is about 25% implemented in React and about 85% implemented in PHP.  I will blog about why two implementations another day.

In the meantime, time to get back to work!