Well, that was fun, interesting and at times, completely overwhelming!  The good news, is that I am down to just two tech books checked out from the library and will have read every tech-based book they have that I had interest in (which was a lot)!

Finally once those two are done, I can get onto reading the new books I bought several months ago.  Three of which are on Drupal 8 and Drupal 8 Development, three on coffee, a few books from The Lean Series and The Dwarves.  My plan over the summer is to focus on getting up to speed with Drupal 8 while curating content for my network.  And finally get back to reading, PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice!

Today I looked (again) at importing an IPS4 website into Drupal 8 and could see that there is not a simple conversion tool that I can use.  I printed out a couple of articles and if I can wrap my head around it, I will attempt to import the content.  I think it’s about 50/50 at this point as to doing an import versus just manually re-creating the content as being faster.  The business guy in me wants to forgo fighting to get the technology to work (because there’s always something that eats up a chunk of time!) but of course, the tech guy in me wants to figure out how to get the content imported and write about it since not many people have!  And then of course, do I even import it all?  There is some very stale content and I don’t plan on keeping the forum.

I have now almost finished migrating this website from WordPress to Drupal 8.  The were five blog posts and 13 pages (mostly just lists of links) published which have been re-published in Drupal 8.  But there’s also 13 drafts that I need to finish moving over, writing and publishing.  I am actually in the process of creating a copy of this website while I write this blog post!

Which I am about to go complete so if you can read this, this website is officially Powered by Drupal!