New gear is always fun!  Especially when it will increase your productivity!

Earlier this week, I bought two 21.6″ VESA mountable Asus LED monitors, ordered a docking station so I can hook two monitors up to my laptop, and today received a set of Skullcandy Hess 2 headphones that were half the price of the last pair I bought (Crushers that were returned) and thus far enjoying them much more, mostly because I got them to pair with Ubuntu!

I may or may not get a dual monitor desk stand mount to clamp the monitors to the desk.  They definitely need to be raised up but I don’t know if I want to VESA mount them before moving.  Fingers crossed that the docking station also works with Ubuntu which is not supported by the manufacturer.  Or else I am back to using Windoze as my desktop operating system which I really don’t want to do!  I much prefer to develop natively on Ubuntu.

Technical update:

I also discovered why my React projects seems to be temperamental in whether they will fire up or not.  Seems the port is not closing properly so I’ll have to look into how to deal with that.  But happy that what I thought was going to be me pulling my hair out trying to fix the build tools again, turned out to “just work”!

The past couple of weeks I have been working on getting up to speed with CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid, and working on writing more content into the guides on this website.  I have always enjoyed writing documentation, and was once complimented by a Microsoft employee by having some of the best documentation they had ever seen.

Now that I seem to have finally (re-)wrapped my head around CSS, many of the CSS issues I was having with my freecodecamp projects are now resolved!  Now I can just work on adding the last of the functionality and submitting my front-end projects.

I see a number of items being cleared off of my Trello boards in the coming weeks.  Especially now that I got to move my desk and have my back to the wall, and having a pair of headphones that I can use that help me to focus even more on work.


Needless to say, I suck at blogging on a regular basis.  There were definite benefits to doing the techLogging that I was doing but I was finding myself working 7 days a week just to have content to write about.  The benefit of doing the logging was that I would start the previous day which helped keep me focused on what I should be doing.  I may try again it with a weekly format but was finding daily blogging to be too much.