A lot has happened since I last wrote.

The ups:

  • House is *finally* up for sale
  • Gifted a bamboo Uncaged Ergonomic Standing Desk
  • Move back to the coast is within sight!
  • Read several books on cafe patio:  Debugging Teams, The Senior Software Engineer, Computer Science Distilled, React Quickly, Learning React, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, The Coaching Habit, Deep Work

The downs:

  • My eldest niece died at the end of February.  RIP Cassy
  • Learning/working totally stalled to get our home ready for sale (and be home with family in March to help with my five great-nieces & nephews)
  • Too much packing, sorting, recycling, garbaging, yarding, etc.
  • Not enough coding, geeking, servering :'(
  • Dealing with migraines (atmospheric pressure changes from storms) and exhaustion from non-stop work around the house!

The Road Ahead:

  • Re-prioritize work
  • Trip to Toronto
  • Finish packing / move back to the Greater Vancouver area
  • *FINALLY* can get back to working on my shit!
  • Geeky events in the GVRD!!!
  • Read:  Mining the Social Web, Node.js in Action, Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Cracking the Coding Interview
  • Finish up Udemy courses, freecodecamp, portfolio & resume
  • Start earning $$ again