It has been a few years since I have had much of an interest in my tech career.  When I exited the corporate world in 2012, I didn’t look back after 12 years of working in an IT (Information Technology), IMIT (Information Management/Information Technology) and/or IS (Information Systems) department as the web geek.

Any time I have not been as confident in my skills as I should have been, I have sat down and mapped out all the successes that have added up over the years.  I must carve out some time to fill out my portfolio that has numerous projects missing and skills that need to be added and updated on my PHP web programmer portfolio.

For now, I need somewhere I can keep a repository of information with the hopes that anyone out there also needing this information may benefit.  I have never understood people who hoard resources and won’t help others – especially in the name of “Job Security”.

I certainly don’t intend for this website to be a money maker but it will have advertising added at some point.  My hope is to help at least one person out there to learn how to code, structure data or install and configure their web server.  If it can somehow foster a community of like-minded web entrepreneurs, I’ll be happy.

If one of those people ever bought me a coffee as a thanks, I’d be even happier!