2020 was the year of getting these fucking monkeys off my back!

  1. CPTSD / Agoraphobia
  2. VPS development pipeline
  3. Laravel & Vue
  4. Manifested a car
  5. Solopreneur
  6. CPTSD/Agoraphobia

In 2020, I entered year 5 of CPTSD recovery. I felt pretty shitty about it being 5 years and not yet recovered.

Earlier this year, I was FINALLY able to drive myself to and walk around the mall without my spouse holding my hand! Then the pandemic hit…

  1. VPS development pipeline

When I jumped from PHP to front-end frameworks, my pushing code to production came to a standstill. I have a VPS server and literally waited years for upgrades to PHP 7, git 2, and a long awaited CPanel upgrade.

Then I ditched CPanel for DirectAdmin, and thankfully, my VPS provider will now install stuff outside of “only what’s with CPanel”

  1. Laravel & Vue

I have been studying Laravel on/off since v5. I kept trying to get it to work with pre-existing projects to no avail, continually giving up in frustration, and kept to just PHP.

As for Vue, I REALLY wish I ditched React sooner.

  1. Manifested a car

Part of my fear in leaving the house for so many years, has been driving stick shift in a tiny car that was only supposed to be a cheap replacement until car accident money came in to buy a better car.

That was over 6 years ago now, fuck you ICBC!

  1. Solopreneur

I have always been entrepreneurial minded and wanted to run my own business. Because of the CPTSD, I had been trying for years to break back into the tech industry – but how fucked up is the hiring process now!?!?

So I officially said, ‘fuck it, I’ll be your competitor instead!”

Am I happy with it being so long ago that I decided to get back into the ‘booming tech industry’ that ‘lacks talent’?

Hell no! But I have kept reminding myself that this year is the year that is year 0, the previous 5 I was healing from the hell

2021 will be the year of BUILDing products!

While I don’t know if I’ll ever go the employee route when it comes to paying others to help build parts of my projects, I am certainly very focused on creating the work environment that I never had!