Tuesdays are “home days” for me while my spouse has the car in another city working.

Day 3 of #100daysofblogging:

  1. Worked around the house (garbage, recycling, dishes, tidied up)
  2. Updated Trello boards, re-prioritized work, created/updated labels
  3. Added functionality to my pomodoro clock project

Tomorrow, my plan is to get back to studying CSS and fixing up the CSS issues on my fcc portfolio so I can submit a few more projects that are completed!  Finishing up the front-end certification on freeCodeCamp is the next milestone for me and has been my main focus as of late (while also working on finishing up my infrastructure).

Over the past 1-2 years, I have worked on brushing up on my skill set so I could be in a better position to rapidly prototype several business ideas I have had.  I am really excited to see the planning of those projects in the Q on my Trello boards for Q2!

Resources for tomorrow:

  1. HTML & CSS book by Jon Duckett
  2. Advanced CSS Layout with Flexbox on Udemy
  3. A Complete Guide to Flexbox

Good thing I came here to see if there was any books at home I needed to throw into my bag.  I forgot to publish this post earlier!