My plan for this quarter is to become as comfortable as I can with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  So much has changed and evolved since I learned them in college almost 20 years ago!

My goal for the year is to become proficient with advanced JavaScript and React.

Day 2 of #100daysofblogging:

  1. Read: Thinking in React in the official React docs
  2. Reading:  This I Know by Terry O’Reilly
  3. Wrote another blog post!

I saw my RMT this morning before spending a few hours reading.  I spent most of December at home between sciatic pain, family visits, the holidays, and almost two feet of snow, and then frigid cold temperatures resulting in a lot of ice (and hibernation at home)!

Something that clicked today:

If you can’t find a component where it makes sense to own the state, create a new component simply for holding the state and add it somewhere in the hierarchy above the common owner component.
Thinking in React

I haven’t looked at React since October/November.  One thing I have been happy to realize is that I understand React and just need to sit down and make something with it.  That isn’t supposed to happen until next month.  But I have a feeling I will be re-visiting React sooner than I had planned!