Writing code has never been a problem for me.  Writing blog posts on the other hand…

I was just thinking that rather than doing #100daysofcode (which I had been contemplating), I should do #100daysofblogging to keep a journal of my work progress which extends beyond coding.  In addition to writing code, I also maintain servers, including databases, and focus workdays on just doing infrastructure work that requires no coding.  I also do a lot of reading and really need to dust off my dSLR camera.

I will set a goal of not more than 250 words per post.  Keeping it short will hopefully ensure I don’t got off on tangents, and that it feels like less of a chore.  I will post about what I have gotten accomplished and/or something new that I learned that day.  I read somewhere recently that doing so would be beneficial for me achieving my goals this year.  So here goes!

Day 1 of #100daysofblogging:

  1. Updated Guides
    1. Disaster Recovery Guide
    2. Backup Guide
  2. Updated shell script and Gist for:
    1. sh filesystembackup.sh
    2. now backing up fewer apache configuration folders
  3. Setup external hard drive at my coLab desk
  4. Updated my Trello boards
  5. Added line-height: 25px to <li> to make lists readable
  6. Wrote a blog post!
  7. Drank a pot of coffee at the coLab!

Already I can see that I might be able to get away with 200 words or less per post!