The plan today was to write code!

I have two Intermediate and all four of the Advanced projects left to submit for my Front End Development Certification at freeCodeCamp.  Out of the six projects left, the Simon game is the only project that I haven’t done much work for.  The other five have minimal functionality left to be added, plus making them look nicer.  Make it work, then make it pretty!

Day 5 of #100daysofblogging:

  1. Added functionality to Pomodoro Clock
  2. Added functionality to Tic Tac Toe
  3. Chiropractor

I am hoping to finish my front-end certificate by the end of January (if not sooner).  There is extra functionality I would like to add to each of the projects before moving onto React.  I may submit with minimal requirements to pass before adding more functionality.  This would help keep up the momentum I have had lately of knocking items off my todo list.

The February Chingu Cohort’s program is coming up so I applied and anticipate being accepted on as a project manager again.  I will then spend the bulk of February working on that project and studying React.  Fingers crossed that my team also wants to work with React.  My second choice would be vanilla JavaScript/JQuery or Vue.