I am now at the 3 year mark since trying to break back into the “booming” tech industry as a web developer, web server admin, and dba. Hard to believe this year is 20 years since graduating college!

Three years ago, I worked three different jobs: one was not a good technical fit (writing SQL queries against cryptically named accounting software databases), and the other two had toxic work environments.

For the first job, I quickly learned Angular and became submerged in a completely new to me world of web development. Long gone were the days of easily saving via FTP to my server from Dreamweaver when I could instantly see my changes, live in production!

After leaving that job, I started picking up React while also looking at jQuery (because of Jon Duckett’s books and freecodecamp’s curriculum), and dove deeper into this newer world of JavaScript with ES6.

While HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have vastly changed (and grown!) since learning them in college, these three main pieces of technology that make up web development have remained the same (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

Last year I made the easy decision for my own projects to stop using React because of who created and maintains it – nuff said. I do see value in rounding out my React skill set because there is a lot of work out there for it.

For any of my own projects, I will stick with Vue (if not, just JavaScript) on the client-side, and PHP (with Laravel or some flavour of it) on the server-side. The biggest lift I have in getting there, is writing API’s for my projects that are currently accessing MySQL database from PHP code.

2020 Tech Goals:

I’ve spent the better part of two years “upgrading” my web development skill set. In 2020, I plan to pull out of tutorial purgatory and get back to working on my own projects. Part of this, as with any tech project, is going to involve learning on the job!


  • designing and writing API’s
  • authorization (role based w/logins)
  • development pipeline


  • start podcasting
  • re-architect this site to:
    • look nicer (re-design)
    • better curate content
    • put tech notes to use!
  • blog more!


  • deepen knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and PHP
  • push forward with using Vue and Laravel frameworks

…Q the (framework vs. library) && (Angular vs React vs Vue vs jQuery) debates…

Only, because this website is about me having somewhere to share my notes, commenting has been turned off!