Setting up a LAMP Web Development Workstation on Ubuntu

My preference has always been to create a web development server on my localhost rather than using a virtual machine (VM). I will note that I am very comfortable working on the command-line, and with servers and databases. I generally found it a lot easier to not work with a virtual machine when doing development locally (backup, restore, and too many corrupt VM’s!)

That being said, since creating this series, my primary machine is now a MacBook Air and I am in the process of switching to using Docker.

Create a Web Development Workstation on Ubuntu:

  1. Install Base OS (Ubuntu) || Install Ubuntu on VMWare Guide
    1. sudo mkdir ~/web
    1. sudo chmod -R 777 ~/web
  2. Install and Configure git on Ubuntu Guide
    • ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C “<comment>”
    • nano ~/.ssh/ #copy to GitLab account
    • git clone ~/web/scripts
  3. Ubuntu Software -> vscode -> install
  4. Install and Configure a LAMP Server on Ubuntu Guide
    1. bash ~/web/scripts/webserver/
  5. Implement Backup Guide

Disaster Recovery Guides

Documentation Needing Writing:

  1. install & configure
    1. npm || yarn
    2. composer
    3. laravel
  2. changing default branch from master to main