Laravel Series:

  1. Laravel Installation and Configuration Guide
  2. Laravel Quickstart Starter Guide
  3. Laravel 8: Authentication with Jetstream and Inertia
  4. Laravel 8: Creating a new Model / Object / Table
  5. Schema changes after table creations

Laravel API Route:List

// edit && create displays forms
// store && update saves/updates storage
// destroy removes from storage

Route::get('/ais',              [AISController::class, 'index']     )->name('ais.listing');
Route::get('/ais/show/{id}',    [AISController::class, 'show']      )->name('ais.listing');
Route::get('/ais/create',       [AISController::class, 'create']    )->name('ais.listing');
Route::post('/ais/store',       [AISController::class, 'store']     )->name('ais.listing');
Route::get('/ais/edit/{id}',    [AISController::class, 'edit']      )->name('ais.listing');
Route::post('/ais/update/{id}', [AISController::class, 'update']    )->name('ais.listing');
Route::get('/ais/destroy/{id}', [AISController::class, 'destroy']   )->name('ais.listing');
// should destroy be POST?

* public function index() { // listing }
* public function show(AIS $ais) { // resource by ID }
* public function create() { // form }
- public function store(Request $request) { // storage }
* public function edit(AIS $ais) { // form }
- public function update(Request $request, AIS $ais) { // storage }
- public function destroy(AIS $ais) { // delete resource by ID from storage }

php artisan cache:clear - Flush the application cache

php artisan config:cache - Create a cache file for faster configuration loading. This is for configuration cache. This command will clear the configuration cache before it creates. More details

php artisan config:clear - Remove the configuration cache file


more config/caching shit

Unable to prepare route [password/reset] for serialization. Another route has already been assigned name [password.request].

Solution is to remove the default Auth routes from the web.php file:

// Auth::routes();

test with:

php artisan route:cache